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"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half." (John Wanamaker)

Wouldn't you like to know who is most likely to buy your products BEFORE you target consumers and professionals online? uses AI to build clusters of user groups that are most likely to react positively to your product.

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Case Studies


  • Response Rate +15%
  • Total Sales +63%
  • Time to Close -21%

Emails & Newsletters

  • Email Open Ratio +47%
  • Response Ratio +31%
  • Bounce Rate -56%

Target custom audiences

  • Price per Click -70%
  • Click-Through-Rate +45%
  • Cost per Aquisition -42%

How does it work?

You need to provide us with a list of your 'good list' (i.e. customers) of emails. These typically are customers that bought from you in the past or are active subscribers.

In return we will provide you with the customers that are most likely to buy your profuct (have the highest interest level).

We screen user interest based on this information:

- Age,Gender
- Location
- Education
- current and past jobs
- Entertainment
- Travel
- Online Shopping
- Fashion
- IT Development
- and dozens more

For the free trial we also need a list of prospects (i.e. emails you'd like to target online). We will provide a ranking of which of these emails - i.e. which one will most likely react positively to your product.

For the paid version we will provide you with the emails of the best cusomters we can find for you.

Please include at least 25 and a maximum of 100 emails in each CSV. Please format your CSV so there is only one column (email).

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Existing Customers/ Prospects

Provide a list with emails of customers/prospects that have already purchased your product/ shown positive interest in your product.

New customers/ prospects

Provide a list with emails customers/ prospects that you would like to reach out - these are your new prospects.

Data Analsyis

Our AI will analyze your existing customers and find out what these customers/ prospects have in common.


It will rank the most likely customers/prospects in the second list you provided. Or alternativly (in the paid version) we will make recommendations for the best customers outside of your list.

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How much does it cost? (Pricing)

We charge a flat fee of 1.5 cents (US Dollar cents) for any relevant email that our AI determines to be a great fit for your product or service.

You can target these customers as per your choosing.

Unlike Facebook or Google we do not lock you into a specific ecosystem of advertising - whereever permissive targeting via email is possible you can use this information.

For customers interested in purchasing more than 1 million leads we are happy to provide a custom offer. Please contact us.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Our data tells the story of consumers an professionals online - globally. However Chinese mainland coverage is limited currently.
Yes you can send us a CSV with the customer emails as an MD5 hash. These hashes can't be reversed but we will still be able to look up demographics.
We will provide you with targeted emails lists based on the best fit by demographics and user interest.
We never use tracking cookies or data derived from it. We are fully compliant with GDPR.
That's the beauty of it - our AI will analyze what the list of customers you provided has in common. It will search for similar customers in the second list your provided. Or alternatively (in the paid version) we will provide targeting information.
Most major social media companies allow you to target customers directly by their email.
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Tired of the marketing spin and the Google and Facebook monopoly?

Learn more about your customers, prospects and subscribers that will most likely buy your product.

  • Works in all media (Email, Online, Social Media etc)
  • No static categories but AI learns user interests from 1,200 fields of user interest
  • Find common emails / traits
  • Use it for anything, promotions, newsletters, custom audiences (Facebook, Google)
  • Scales from a few prospects to millions instantly.
  • Minimize Bounce rates.

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